Attention Yoko Kanno & Steve Conte enthusiasts!


A Gabriela Robin Site have posted an awesome acoustic live set by regular Yoko Kanno vocalist/collaborator Steve Conte. Performed songs include “Heaven’s Not Enough” (my favorite), “Living Inside the Shell”, “Words We Couldn’t Say”, “Rain” and “Call Me Call Me” – so that’s some of the best music from Wolf’s Rain, Stand Alone Complex and Cowboy Bebop. Light those lighters and head on over there right now.


World of Anime » Attention Yoko Kanno & Steve Conte enthusiasts! says:

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Sy says:

Listening now, pretty damn good. Would like some MP3’s of the set rather than Youtube links though. Steve’s other albums as The Contes and The Crown Jewels are pretty damn spiffy too and I recommend them if you haven’t heard them. Especially ‘Bleed Together’.

Congo Gum says:

Pretty good stuff, again i was hoping for a download rather than youtube. But still good none the less.

Trying to get a hold of Steve’s other work is extremely tricky.

bateszi says:

I’m ripping them to MP3 right now. I’ll post a link if you’d like ;)

Melissa says:

Glad you liked the video I filmed & uploaded to youtube. is site the videos originally posted for. I have been to one other con that Steve performed at, but at that one he requested no filming thus no footage only pictures at

Corinne says:

Thanks for all these links and publishings! I’m having trouble downloading the mp3’s the site always seems to be too busy. Can i download them from anywhere else? Otherwise i’ll keep trying. Thanks again!

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