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I don’t know where to start.

This blog has been going for a while now. Since the Spring of 2006, in fact. Ostensibly an anime blog, it has been known to branch out in to Japanese live-action film and manga from time to time. For those interested, I am based in Cambridge (UK.)

I am proud to have found a handful of loyal readers, many of whom I enjoy in trading discussions with in post comments (and Twitter, too.) Please don’t feel reluctant to get involved, as there is nothing that enthuses me more as an anime blogger than to interact with others (that means you, dear reader) on the subjects at hand.

I can be e-mailed at, but if you just want to introduce yourself or to ask a few questions, you could always leave a comment on this page, too, and, I’ll endeavour to respond in haste.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

I can’t say I know where to start either. My name is Celeste, and I live in Vancouver, Canada.

I’ve been reading the blog for some years now, and commenting for less. When Bateszi posted his “help wanted” in 2010, as I entered a self-induced lull in my school life, I decided to give this anime blogging thing a try.

Have fun!

Why hello, I’m dengar.  I’m the third writer on this site which puts me in the odd company of anime stalwarts like Shinji (the third child) and sci-fi hero’s like Ender (the third of Ender’s Game fame).  I am currently living in sunny Los Angeles and am proud to be the American representative on the writing team.


Avi Tejer says:

I just wanted to compliment you
on your site, I absolutely love it.
It’s rare ( believe it or not) to find genuine
anime fans that can write well, and speak from
an authentic perspective, and clearly appreciate
the deeper meaning behind anime.
For those reasons I wanted to contact you, because
I believe you will appreciate my project.
I’m the webmaster of AnimeQuotes(.)net
Which is an online database filled with
anime and manga quotations, and I think both you and your readers
will genuinely enjoy it.

I’m not looking to improve my pagerank or anything of the sort,
Just to let people know it exists.
I’ll be happy to be included in your links section, or a post
about memorable anime quotes etc.

Avi Tejer.

Amerowolf says:

I fell in love with this site tonight, brother.

Most anime blogs these days are the “episode summary/recap” sort of blogs. This one though, has articles. Articles I actually want to read. Keep up the amazing work you guys.

bateszi says:

Thanks :) It’s always encouraging and inspiring to read that people enjoy what we’re writing.

Shira N says:

When I chanced this blog tonight, I was immediately drawn by the mature and unique perspective which you guys write from. Cant wait to read more :)

bateszi says:

Thank you, Shinra. On behalf of us all, I hope you stick around! :)

I just stumbled upon your site today and am pretty impressed. It was my research for an article on Junji Ito’s Uzumaki that led me here. I scrolled through the horror section and saw some things that caught my eye (In particular, I do think that Full metal alchemist gets looked over as horror. The transfiguration of that little girl was horrifying to say the least).

Anyways, It’s nice to see you guys have been at it so long. Good for you. While our own site at is in it’s infancy, I hope that we can muster the same kind of steam to keep at it. Congratulations. I look forwards to exploring what you have here. As well, I invite you to visit the dark Horror that can be found in the corner of the internet we call home.

Sam Izdechia says:

I was wondering which blog engine powered this site, or if it was a self made site. I was thinking of starting a blog of my own a while ago but could not find a site with a simple interface I liked.

bateszi says:

This blog is powered by WordPress, but the theme we’re using was built from the ground up by me. Similarly, the Article Viewer and the Recent Comments lists in the sidebar are powered by plug-ins I coded myself (I’m a web developer by profession!) Please do reply if you have any more questions! :)

The default WordPress install does feel a little bloated, but it’s really quite flexible and easy to customise.

SteelRiverSavior says:

I don’t even remember how I came upon this site, but I’ve been doing a lot of really random research about shows, since I recently got back into anime binges (for, like, the 15th time in my life). I really like the method of writing so far, and I can tell that I should at least check out the different series you three talk about that I haven’t heard of.

As soon as I saw Ghost Hound, Texhnolyze, Psycho-Pass, and that picture from Beck, I knew I should bookmark this site. :p

Honest writing is usually filled with some element of contradiction and almost incorrigible nuance, which makes this a really refreshing blog. The more ubiquitous anime and manga become, the harder it is to find people who think about it in a more artistic way.

SteelRiverSavior says:

–I didn’t mean that as an insult by any means; I got some of the introduction confused with one of your other posts. ‘:d

My son of 11 has just started watching anime. I myself was a big fan until I discovered Thai, Korean and Japanese cinema and over the last few years,

However I came across this site after trying to find alternatives to Madlax, the second of my recommendations to him after Noir, which he is fascinated by. I found your comparisons/reviews to these two titles refreshing, different and informative and in my quest to find something new, adult-orientated and challenging, have found your recommendations most helpful. Keep up the good work.

Sage says:

Hey, I’ve stumbled across your site thanks to a Gundam Wing comment left by Celeste over on the GAR GAR Stegosaurus blog. You’ve got some really good content here that covers a lot of ground in anime! Keep up the good work!

But I wanted to tell Celeste and others here, that if you you enjoyed or are now enjoying Gundam Wing, I have to recommend that you check out the Universal War: ARM X series. It has a lot of the personality and layering of Gundam Wing (with a dash of something like Robotech, too). It mixes some groundedness with the unpredictable action and adventure of the aforementioned, so it’s really fun and yet engaging. And it’s cool to get some Gundam Wing vibes in a read for once. You can check it out below:

Book 1:
Book 2:
Official Site:

Alex says:

Bateszi, how can I contact you?

I would like to advertise on your blog.


Mey-Rin ツ says:

Hi! I’ve just starting reading your blog recently, and I love how you don’t sound super professional or anything. Your content is really good! I’m commenting really late though, lol. I’ve starting blogging myself, and I feel kinda guilty, but could you please check it out? ^///^

-Mey-Rin ツ

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