Another new blog layout, Rock Lee style

It’s been nearly four months since I last tinkered with the layout, but last week I caught the designers bug again (*sniff* along with a cold too *sniff*), and so… this is the result! Of course I hope you like the fresh new look, I have to admit it’s a little more ‘accessible’ than my last (decidedly pink) effort, and besides it has awesome characters in the banner, albeit in a grungy stained style; naturally Rock Lee needed to appear on the blog before the second series of Naruto begins.

Anyway – irregular service will resume shortly. If you have anything to say about this new layout, like it or loathe it, I’d love to read your comments.


Sana Jisushi says:

*gives medicine* Get well soon! It looks good, anyway.

Morgin_Back says:

god damn rock lee Fuks me off, if only he was cooler, like actually acted cooler

bateszi says:

Thanks for the comments guys, even if you don’t like Rock Lee, Morgin_Back ;)

Incidentally if anyone preferred the old layout, you can now revert to it by using the "Change Theme" option in the right menu (bottom option). The red/pink theme is called "Autumn Haze" while this new one is "Spring-time of Youth". If I can dig it out from the archives, I may try and resurrect the ultra-old grey one too.

… Now everyone should be happy … Or not? :)

hi2u says:

thankyou for getting rid of the girly pink.
It doesnt suit your style. :)

himynameisfel says:

Hey! i like this layout! nawww! i want mine to look as good as yours! good job

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